Music has always inspired people to come together.

No1 Yaari JamPad is a home for music enthusiasts to explore an unique journey with their Yaars. We invite you to be a part of this experience where it is all about jamming, composing original music & opening up to new people by sharing your talent with the world.

Performances at No1 Yaari JamPad

Check out songs & recording of Bands at the No1 Yaari JamPad across various cities


If you would like to play at our No1 Yaari JamPad,

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In the interest of your health and safety,
We are temporarily suspending bookings across our existing JamPads.
All the previously booked slots have been cancelled as of now
and would be re-allotted as soon as situation improves.


If you are interested in Recording your original songs at No1 Yaari JamPad, please upload a video scratch of your performance in the space above. If your submission is shortlisted, we will contact you over phone or email, as per details shared during registration, with the date & time of the recording.